Monday, August 22, 2016

Oh Lampe Berger.. You Smell So Good!

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Product review of Lampe Berger


The other day I was checking my email and I came across a charge for a Lampe Berger gift set. My first reaction was, “Oh Great! Our credit card has been stolen.” I immediately sent an email to my husband at work and was shocked with a response from him that said, “Oh I bought that.”



Our Lampe Berger

Yes, my “Dear Husband” decided to do a bit of research on the internet on how to combat strong smells. We have recently installed wood floors on the first floor of our house and the fumes were a bit strong the day we came home from the hotel. He purchased this lamp after reading several 5 star reviews and hearing how amazing the Lampe Berger works. I was surprised and beyond pleased with our lamp. Within a few minutes we were smelling a very pleasant fragrance and no trace of the wood floor fumes was left. 

Our lamp was purchased from Amazon for $30.00. Each lamp comes in an elegant gift box, complete with catalytic burner, solid snuffer cap, decorative shade, filling funnel, and instructions for use. Lampe Berger eliminates undesirable odors, creates a beautiful scent in the home, and decorates the home with exquisite lamp designs. Twenty minutes of burn time per 110 square feet is all you need to purify the air and leave it wonderfully fragranced. The product is made in France. 

Photo Credit: Linly Designs Blog
Oh and the product came with very easy to follow instructions. 

 “Since 1898, the mission of Lampe Berger has been to improve the quality of indoor air. Initially created to purify the environment in hospital rooms, today, Lampe Berger creates a universe where undesirable odors are banished, leaving an environment that is delicately scented. Lampe Berger decorates the home with exquisite designs to complement any decor and can be used anywhere in your home. The atmosphere that you create will vary according to your selection of Perfumes de Maison. The patented Lampe Berger catalytic burner system releases their premium home fragrance while it destroys offensive odors left behind by tobacco, cooking, and pets.”


I cannot even begin to say how pleased I am with our Lampe Berger. I highly recommend this product! 


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