Friday, October 7, 2016

My 45th Birthday

Celebrating My 45th Birthday

On September 30th, I became 45. Birthdays for me are a mixed blessing. Most either forget about it or something happens on that day that just causes me to not want to celebrate. I have often gone over and beyond for others on their special day and so for that reason…

 I treated myself how I have done to others!

Truth is, I often put myself last or neglect my own needs. We all do this and that is why it is why Self Care is so important. It doesn’t matter if it is your birthday.

I wanted a quiet day with just my husband and son. Since my son was in school. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to try a new café and visit two art exhibitions that I have been wanting to see.

The first exhibit was, “Art on the Brain”

Be Sure to visit next Wednesday to see more photos from this exhibit!

Organized in partnership with the Adult Care Center of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, this display features 30 abstract paintings created by people diagnosed with various forms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The Adult Care Center of the Northern Shenandoah Valley is a day program for individuals requiring assistance due to Alzheimer’s or other neurological diseases. The Center engages participants through therapeutic and recreational activities that are geared toward finding abilities within disabilities, focusing on what remains rather than what has been lost. 

These activities provide individuals with opportunities for creative expression and personal decision making. The works seen in the Art on the Brain display in the MSV resulted from tactile, creative therapies. Most of the paintings were created by collaborative efforts by multiple artists. The title for each work is inspired by the participants’ interpretation of the images portrayed, and their use of color, texture, and design.

The second exhibit that I highly enjoyed was "And Still We Rise: African American Story Quilts"

And Still We Rise: African American Story Quilts narrates four centuries of African American history through the display of nearly 70 handcrafted story quilts created by an international group of artists from the Women of Color Quilters Network. 

An art form that goes beyond simple quilting patterns, story quilting expands on traditional textile-arts techniques to record, in fabric, events of personal or historical significance. Works in this exhibition give voice to the unique histories of African American men and women and relate the stories of enslaved people, soldiers, athletes, poets, political leaders, and many others while also drawing attention to social challenges America continues to face today.

It was a wonderful atmosphere and the meal was delicious. 

Then a quiet evening at home. I opened seven cards and read three very lovely email messages. Gifts were also opened. It was a good day and filled me with positive feelings.


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