Saturday, December 3, 2016

Updates and Happenings

December Already?

I cannot believe that it is December already! I must admit that November was rather full of excitement and much time connecting with local friends. Yet, I remain ever so mindful with the season as I connect with each moment. 

I learned from reading, Work by Thich Nhat Hanh that our thoughts, speech, and actions bear our signature. When a composer or a painter create a work of art, they always sign it. In our daily life, if our thinking is containing understanding, compassion, and insight it's a good work of art and it bears our signature. 

Everything you say is a product of who you are and how you think. Whether your speech is kind or cruel, it bears your signature. I have produced both. Mindful conversation and thoughts is my practice at the moment. The month of November was full of opportunity as I practiced this. Oh and yes, I tried something new! While I was having lunch with Carol, I drank Kale and Spinach! Believe it or not, it didn't taste that bad. Of course they mixed yogurt and other natural sweet fruits. And I bought dates to eat thanks to my dear friend Hedgehog! 

I am sure you have noticed the chicken photos by now and might be curious. Over Thanksgiving, I chicken sat for the Happy Huff Hens. As usual it was full of excitement but this time I did not lose the keys and beg our dinner guests to help me.  However, the third time is a charm and it was part my husband's fault and a little bit of mine that the chickens escaped the coop! Oh and as you can see in this next picture, I think I have been mooned by a chicken. I am still amazed at how much personality chickens have! 

I have also been crafting it up a bit. Linda Mary and I made several stained glass  
Christmas ornaments.

I am also almost finished with a new coffee cross stitch.  I just need to stitch a few more coffee beans and words. 

I also learned that if you place pansies on watercolor paper, cover, and tap gently with a hammer it it makes beautiful art. 


My favorite part of November was seeing my son all dressed up for his first High School dance.  "Bandcoming" was a very enjoyable moment for him. My husband and I went on a coffee date that night and enjoyed a Netflix show called, The Crown. 

My son plays alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, and piano. His passion is both music and entomology. Yes, we have cockroaches as pets in our house. I am a bit biased but I think my son is  very handsome and is such a blessing to me and his father. 

To kick off the holiday season, a group of us women went to see a wonderful musical called “Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas.”It had wonderful humor and I enjoyed every minute of it! 

Oh, and I have been reading many wonderful books. As a matter of fact, I went to the library and not only did I check out several books but I also sneaked this photo of the book tree. I hope to have few book reviews posted soon.

Please feel free to comment with your updates and happenings below. I do want to share with you and I enjoy your comments.


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