Sunday, February 12, 2017

Crafts With Love

February Crafts

Stained Glass and Pocket Letters

This past week I decided to do a bit of crafting! I began with making two stained glass crosses where the glass would give an opposite effect depending on the light.

 Next, I wanted to play around with some scrap glass and add a small Valentine's Day plate. I thought that this gave the window a bit of a Victorian effect. 

Since I was trying new ideas, Why not make an agate nightlight!

Meanwhile, My husband made a bolt action rifle pen. This was his first pen than he has created on the lathe.

On Saturday, I decided to make a few Valentine's Day Pocket Letters. Unfortunately, they will be late to my pen pals but they know my heart is in the right place! 

Have you made anything special that you would like to share? Tell me below in the comment section. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! 


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