Friday, March 10, 2017

Oh Lordy: A Fever Post

Overcoming Obstacles and Flu

Happy Friday! I wish I had some exciting news or fabulous new crafty idea for everyone but our home has been fighting the Influenza Stain B virus for over a week now. My son is doing much better after two doctor visits and one trip to the emergency room. At the present moment, I am barely able to leave the bed or sofa. I wish I would have had my flu shot and have taken my son in for his but it would not have mattered according to the doctor for the strain that we caught.  

So what do you do when you are sick…


Rest! Rest! And Rest!

Now for what we are doing while we are sick….

My son and I watched all three seasons of Gotham on Netflix! Holy Cow Batman.. This is much better than the version of Batman that I watched as a kid! I can officially say that I have binged watched now. 

And it was nice to have a sick buddy to grump with. We get rather crabby in our house when we are sick but my husband has a way to lighten the mood and make us laugh. For example, he has been making sure to wipe down everything to kill the germs. Honestly, I should write a post on “Computer System Engineers guide to household contamination!”  Oh and Linda Mary brought homemade soup for us. Nana Pam has been checking in during the day and has given us so much comfort. 

I also read a strange book but I think the fever is part of the reason for my opinion on this book. As soon as my fever breaks, I will reread this novel and post a review.

Two new bookmarks have been made. I was off the pattern in a few places but I don’t think anyone will notice. I decided to make one of these for myself. I very rarely keep anything that I make by hand so this was a special act of love to myself.

Since my son was able to return to school two days ago, I watched an amazing girlie movie! The Great Gilly Hopkins is such an emotional movie and healing in a way for many of us adults and young adults that were in or still are in the Foster Care system.

 I admit that I would often day dream about a long lost family member coming to my rescue and even finding a loving home like the one depicted in this movie. Although this is not the case for so many of us. Just watching and experiencing the love in the movie gives our brains the same message. This is very true and research has proven it but I am too wonky with fever and with a stuffed up nose to write an intellectual blog post about this.
Now, I will say that everyone has different struggles. No one is immune and I respect the different layers that people share online as they struggle with what is happening in the present moment of their life. 

Poor Oreo had a visit to the doctor also.

Oreo is always sweet and well behaved!

I do not share everything that I am dealing with but I have been mentioning a bit more of my past. No I will not post the online mugshots of my mother or brother.  And I will not post about my father’s court martial from the Navy.  Some might be curious why I even bring this up. And I can understand why some think I should just move on.

Much of this has been stirred up for me lately because I have been working with the State of Tennessee over some legal issues. It has been a very difficult process that has me reaching out to the Judge Advocate of the Navy. The lawyers in Tennessee have been very kind and compassionate.  So not only am I sick but under a bit of stress.  Nevertheless, I am focused and rather determined to use my voice for the crimes committed against me.  Just because no adult stepped in when I was a child and teen, this does not mean that I cannot do it now. It just has more obstacles gathering court martial documents and files from 30 years ago.  No matter the outcome, I know that I will be ok! It has been very healing for me and has helped me to completely break away from my toxic criminal biological family.

Just like the flu! This too shall pass! 

My point that I am attempting to make is that no matter what you are facing, it will be ok and please use your voice because you matter very much! 

Well, I am not sure how coherent this post is but I hope everyone has a great weekend and lots of extra love to all those who are struggling!



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